Food Review Guide- Bake & Things

Place- Roti Shop 
Type- Trinidadian Food
Price- $$ 
Ratings- 4.0/5 
Dine In Or Take Out- Take Out Only
Location- 184 E 35th Street #1 Brooklyn NY, 11203
Hours- 7AM-10:30PM Monday – Saturday
8AM – 10PM Sundays

Bake & Things is a pretty decent roti shop located in the Little Caribbean — East Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY. And I want to start off by saying, their curry is delicious, and their food is always hot and tasty. The prices here are definitely on the cheaper side in comparison to other roti shops I’ve visited around Brooklyn. One thing to note, their serving sizes sometimes reflect the prices of the food.

This restaurant offers a cheap yet authentic taste of Trinidad, and they sell an array of Trinidadian food! I definitely recommend visiting this roti shop if you are ever in the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn. 

My favorite thing to order from here is a shrimp buss up shut with pumpkin. (The bussup shut plates only come with potato and chana (curried chickpeas) and whatever protein you choose. Extra sides, like pumpkin and spinach, are an additional $2.00). 

FYI: Bake & Things has multiple locations. The address listed above is the only location I’ve visited.
If you ever find yourself visiting this roti shop, please let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience!

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