Diary Entry No. 5: Is Travel Still For Me?

September 20, 2021

When I first started my travel journey back in 2018, I was ready to explore, become cultured, and visit every state and country in the world.
But since March 2020 (when Covid shut down New York), I haven’t been feeling the most confident about getting back on the road.

In three months, 2020 will be two years ago. But has much even changed? I know we have a vaccine, but covid cases are still rising, there’s a new variant, and we’re still in a pandemic. Countries are still struggling with managing their covid cases, and to be honest, the world just feels like a scary place now.

Crime rates are increasing in New York City, and at times, I feel like I’m living in the wild wild west, where anything goes. Which only adds to my fears and insecurities about the rest of the world.

Since the pandemic, I haven’t been feeling like myself. I am fearful, instead of fearless. And I’m not too sure how to change this.
I haven’t been on an airplane since February 2020, and the idea of flying again is kind of scary to me. I have an upcoming trip in November, and to be honest, I feel a bit numb towards it.

I hope this feeling doesn’t last forever.

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