Diary Entry No. 4: Places I Dream Of Visiting When The World Is Safe Again

April 21, 2021

I dream of tropical climates, delicious foods, loud music, and straight vibes in foreign places.
I am so over covid, but since covid isn’t over us, I will have to continue dreaming until the world opens up and is as close to pre-covid life as possible. But in the meantime, let’s talk about the places I dream to visit!

Jamaica 🇯🇲


When I say I want to go to Jamaica, I feel it in my bones. I want to finally visit my other homeland. I want to live my best life, eat ital food, bathe in a river, party with the locals.
Jamaica has always been in my top two places that I must visit (the other being Trinidad) and for some reason, it’s always fell through. But not anymore! When the world is safe again, and I’m fully vaccinated, I promise you I will be on the first jet smoking into the country.


Trinidad 🇹🇹

I can’t wait to go back to Trinidad for these reasons: Trinidad is one of my homelands, it’s the country that made me want to pursue travel full-time, my favorite uncle lives there, and my five-week trip to the country was canceled due to border closure.

Me and My Favorite Uncle
Trinidad 2018
Trinidad 2018

London 🇬🇧

I’ve been wanting to live in London for years! And I strongly feel that one should always visit a country before moving there. So I decided to visit in 2021, but since covid is still lingering here in the US, and partying hard in the UK, I will wait for safer days.


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