Diary Entry No. 3: Happy New Year… 4 Months Late!

April 14th, 2021

Happy New Year Globetrotters!

Boy 2020 has been a tough year. But I am happy that it is over, and that we’ve made it this far out of the darkness of a pandemic. Some days were just pure madness. But I made it!

It is a brand new year, but unfortunately, rona is still lurking, gasp. However, with the vaccine distribution on the rise, I am very hopeful for the future of travel. And I am betting on 2022, to be the year I can properly get back on the road.
But until then, I don’t believe that there will be much international travel for me because I am still very cautious about getting the virus or potentially passing it along to someone else. So instead, this year, I am planning to get back on track with: my travel savings, getting the ball rolling with growing my platforms, and get back in the gym to lose the quarantine weight. So when I can finally get back on the road, I will be ready to check skinny dipping off of my bucket list!

Now I’d be lying if I said that the travel bug hasn’t been biting at my toes, so I am planning to use this year, and the warmer weather to explore more of the US. Starting again in New York, then safely making my way around the east coast!

I am really excited to be back!

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