Road To Trinidad Carnival 2023 Diary Entry No. 5: Carnival Monday

February 23, 2023

The day has come, so let’s talk Carnival Monday!

Carnival Monday is a vibe, and if I could, I’d partake in Carnival Monday every year!
We (my entire Lost Tribe family and I) painted the streets of Port of Spain (POS) neon orange in our carnival Monday wear, and I enjoyed every moment of it!
My day started pretty early because I was supposed to meet the band at 10 am, and I didn’t want to miss a thing.
So I was up around 7 am to prepare for my 27th bucket list activity.
I showered, got dressed, collected the last-minute things that I didn’t send by Jen, and was ready to touch the road. My driver was outside at 8:30 am sharp, and I was ready to roll!
I reached POS by 9:30 am (I had to turn back because I forgot my drink cup and waterproof phone case) and immediately started to see other Lost Tribe masqueraders amongst the J’ouvert masqueraders on their way home!

Excitement flooded my body. It’s time!

Since many streets were closed off, my driver dropped me as close as she could, and I walked the rest of the way. But this wasn’t a lonely walk! I quickly joined some LT masqueraders on their way to the meeting point, and we hit it off instantly!

As we waited at the meeting point, I started to see some of my other friends. Friends I met at the mas camp before carnival, friends that I made on Twitter before signing up to play with The Lost Tribe, and friends that I made while picking up my costume. This day, I bounced around between friend groups and strangers. This day was a day of love and happiness. You could feel it in the air. The greatest show on earth is finally back after a two-year hiatus. Nothing could go wrong. And it didn’t!
My heart was full of love, and so was Carnival Monday.
I sang songs with strangers, danced like no one was watching, and had the time of my life!

Carnival Monday, I love you!

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