Road To Trinidad Carnival 2023 Diary Entry No. 4: Road Preparation – Carnival Monday

February 18, 2023

Alrighty, the time has come! Carnival Monday is officially around the corner, and I’m wondering if I’m ready for it. I’ve had weeks… even months, to prepare for this day. But something about this moment feels surreal. Am I really prepared to take on this bucket list item? Am I ready to grace Port of Spain’s streets in my Carnival Tuesday costume? If I’m being honest, no. I’m not. But I am here. My costume is fully paid for. My driver is booked. I have my neon orange wear for carnival Monday. My friend Jen has my costume and overnight clothes for Carnival Tuesday. And the day is upon us. It’s almost that time to show up and show out at the “Greatest Show on Earth” at “The Mother of Carnivals.” I have memorized all of my soca road songs (thanks, Nick!), and all of my stuff is laid out and ready to go. It’s almost go time.

Wish me luck!

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