Food Review Guide: Castle One Stop Jerk Center 🇯🇲

Place- Jerk Center/Roadside Fare  
Type- Jamaican Food
Price- $
Ratings- 5/5 
Dine In Or Take Out- Both (There is a Bar area on the property to sit, eat, drink, and play dominos or loodi!)
Location- Castle One Stop
Hours- From Morning Til The Food Sells Out At Night

Castle One Stop Jerk Center saved my life, and I’m being absolutely serious when I say that!
Now let me tell you how. I had no idea what or where I would eat when I first arrived in Jamaica. And before my arrival, I was told that my dietary restrictions (I don’t eat meat) might be a problem for me in Portland, but not at Castle One Stop!
This was the first place I ate at upon my arrival in Jamaica and the place of my many foodie “first times”!
At Castle One Stop, I had my first Red Stripe, my first taste of Roast Conch and breadfruit, and my first taste of a delicious Conch and Lobster soup mix. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Steamed fish with crackers and the festivals. Everything that I ate here was beyond delicious!

Castle One Stop is where you can go for all of your food and drink needs!
The food is hot, fresh, tasty, and always prepared with a smile. And it’s evident that House, the Jerk Master, loves what he does because it shines through in the food.

Castle One Stop Jerk Center is the place to go for soup (which varies between chicken and conch depending on the day). Jerk pork or chicken, steamed fish or roast conch. As well as roast breadfruit, festival, and fried plantain.

But I have to mention, since my departure from Jamaica, I’ve been told that the Jerk Center now sells more food items, like bammy and rice and peas, amongst other things. So if you get the chance to visit before I go back, let me know what else they have, and tell House that I sent you! I promise he will take good care of you!

Here are some videos of House, the Jerk Master, in his element, preparing food with a smile!

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