Food Review Guide: Rocky’s Restaurant Fairy Hill 🇯🇲

Place- Restaurant  
Type- Jamaican Food
Price- $
Ratings- 5/5 
Dine In Or Take Out- Both
Location- 5J7H+HCX, Fairy Hill, Jamaica
Hours- 11AM – 2AM Monday – Sunday

“So the food tie you like that?” A question I was asked after saying I wanted to get food from Rocky’s for the fourth time in one week!

Rocky’s is one of my top two favorite restaurants in Jamaica, and it’s not number two!

Brown Stew Fish with Rice and Peas and Vegetables

The food at Rocky’s in Fairy Hill was consistently delicious. I’ve eaten from here numerous times and have yet to have a complaint!
Rocky’s is the only restaurant I found in Portland, Jamaica that:
1. Always had fish
2. Already had the fish prepared (in a brown stew), and
3. Reasonably priced
Which quickly made it my favorite restaurant in Portland!
The food was always hot, fresh, and addictingly delicious! And an easy 10/10 for taste, portion size, and price.

I have to mention, from my experience, many places in Portland did not sell seafood. And if they did, it was made to order, which often meant a bit of a wait time and higher prices.
Which is another reason why Rocky’s was and will always be my number one go-to restaurant in Portland, Jamaica!

*YouTube Video Coming Soon!

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