Review Guide: Blue Lagoon Tours – Portland, Jamaica 🇯🇲

Place- The Blue Lagoon
Type- Attractions & Things To Do In Jamaica
Price- $$
Rating- 5/5
Location- The Blue Lagoon, Portland Parish, Jamaica
Open- Monday – Sunday
To Book-

One of the best days of my life took place at The Blue Lagoon in Portland Parish, Jamaica. Yes, I really just said that!
My first Saturday in Jamaica was spent with Traay from Blue Lagoon Tours, and it was nothing shy of great fun and good times.
Traay is the founder and owner of Blue Lagoon Tours JA. And he offers a range of aerial and nautical tours and activities alongside his father Benton and older brother Plucky.
From arrival to departure from the Blue Lagoon, Traay ensured that I was safe while keeping an enjoyable and upbeat environment!

At the Blue Lagoon, I checked snorkeling off my Bucket List, I did some jumping, and now I can say that I successfully swam across the Lagoon twice! This was a day full of memories I’d never forget.

Blue Lagoon Tours offers both group and singles Boat and Raft Tours to Monkey Island, Mineral Springs, and The Blue Lagoon. 

ProTip: Avoid being drawn in by the other people offering tours. Traay will tell you when and where to meet, and he will be there waiting.

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