Atlanta, You Really Know How To Treat A Girl!

Atlanta! You really know how to treat a young traveler from up North! Your hospitality is like no other, and I guess it’s safe to say that I am in love! 

Globetrotters, let me tell you, my trip to Atlanta was nothing like the past ones! During this visit, I got the chance to see, experience, and fall in love with Atlanta! (If you’d like some backstory to what I’m talking about, check out Welcome Me Back, Atlanta!

Atlanta was my first trip of 2020 and my first legit travel vlogging trip. So before departure, I had to plan! While planning, I made sure to make a flexible itinerary, so I can explore, and still have a lot of time to spend with my grandma. (The main purpose of this trip was to celebrate my grandma’s 77th birthday! Love You, Grandma!) So this was my itinerary:

My Preplanned Itinerary:

Food Places I Wanted To Try:

Hattie Maries BBQ
Slutty Vegan
Sublime Doughnut
Bell Street Burritos

Potential Sights & Attractions:

Trap Music Museum
Centennial Olympic Park
SkyView Atlanta
Georgia State Capitol
Krog Street Tunnel

Now, if you’ve read my Fool-proof Trip Planning Checklist, then you know that I am not the best at making itineraries. The only thing that I had set in stone for this trip was visiting the Waffle House! 
Why is that, you asked? Well, that’s easy, because breakfast is my favorite meal, and the food at the Waffle House is normally delicious! (If you’re wondering why I said “normally” please see my video below!)

Due to the weather, I was not able to do everything that was on my preplanned itinerary. But, everything I did do was amazing! I also like to go with the flow of things, and I think that led me to experience more!

My Actual Itinerary:

Food Places I Tried:

Sublime Doughnut
Bell Street Burritos
Mary Mac’s Tea Room
Sweet Hut Bakery
JJ’s Fish and Chicken
Just Loaf’n

Sights & Attractions:

Trap Music Museum
Krog Street Tunnel
Hey Brown Girl Mural
The Big Chicken
Marietta Square Market

I enjoyed every aspect of my trip! From the rainy afternoons to the snowy mornings, and the cold foggy evenings. I loved it all! 
Everything I did in my “actual itinerary” was a lot of fun and I recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself in ATL! 
(If you’d like to see my full Atlanta trip for yourself check out my Youtube channel — Ashley Travels the Globe!) 

Have you ever been to Atlanta? If so, what are some of your favorite things to do there?

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