My Rules of Thumb for finding Amazing Food while Traveling!

Look for Long Lines and Crowdedness.

If the line for a food place is out the door, then the food has to be great. And all the people on the line proves this premise to be true.
If a place is crowded and there aren’t any live performances or events happening, then the same has to be true – the food is good!
Lines and crowds mean the food is moving, so it’s fresh and delicious, and multiple people agree!

Talk to the Locals

Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals. They live there, so they know good places to dine!
I’m from New York City and if you asked me my favorite food spots, I’d be able to tell you that and more. And the same is true everywhere you go. But, be selective with who you choose to ask. I normally ask people who look like they could be into what I’m into (which I base on where I am and what I’m doing).

Do your Research

If you have a smartphone, let it work for you! Go into your maps and search the Food that you’re feeling for. I know for iPhone users, and I’m assuming the same is true for Android users, you can search food places in your area, see the yelp reviews, and how expensive the place is, all without ever leaving the app.
Read reviews and check out the website. Get a feel before you go. And if you decide to visit a place you found, speak to the patrons aka locals in the establishment.

If you have any of your own rules for finding delicious food, please comment them below! I’d love to know how you find great food in new cities or countries!

4 thoughts on “My Rules of Thumb for finding Amazing Food while Traveling!

  1. Good write up.
    Foods we feel for are all those we know, heard about or tasted before.
    I wish we get into the world of diversify foods where, food is made from variety of natural ingredients.
    Africa won’t be a bad option to experience, see and acknowledge natural foods made from fresh plants.

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