Trinidad Carnival 2023 Cost Breakdown

Trinidad Carnival was not a cheap Bucket List Item. In fact, it was one of my most expensive bucket list items that I’ve completed, so let’s talk about it!

This was my costume:
Band: The Lost Tribe
Section: Power
I did not purchase the accessories package which included a pair of earrings and two bracelets (pictured below.)
But I did purchase the “Rule the Road” Backpack which is the larger back piece pictured.

Check out my cost breakdown below!

I did not attend any carnival fetes (I’m not a party person) so this breakdown is exclusively my expenses for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Everything is quoted in USD.

Costume$1,630.40 USD
Carnival Monday Wear$40.00 USD
Footwear $45.00 USD
Accessories $45.00 USD
Make Up$15.00 USD
Transportation For Monday + Tuesday$60.00 USD
Stay Accommodation Stayed Home
Costume Transportation$100.00 USD
Airfare$636.22 USD
Total$2,571.62 USD

And there you have it, that is the cost breakdown for the return of Trinidad Carnival. If you have any questions about my breakdown, be sure to leave me a comment!

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