Food Review Guide: Kool Down Cones 🇯🇲

Place- Ice Cream Shop  
Type- Ice Cream
Price- $$ CASH ONLY
Ratings- 4.8/5 
Dine In Or Take Out- Both
Location- 18 Harbor St
Hours- N/A

As all of us should know, hot days are to be expected in Jamaica. Especially during the summer months. So it should come as no surprise that during my exploration of Port Antonio (Portland’s capital), I stumbled upon an ice cream parlor and decided to check it out!

Kool Down Cones is an adorable ice cream shop filled with all your sweet tooth desires!

This ice cream parlor is a must-visit, from its specialty cones to waffle bowls and decorative sweets. One can never run out of options!

This day, like any day, I opted for a chocolate milkshake. Because I hate sticky fingers from ice cream melt (I eat ice cream very slowly).
And it made for an excellent choice! The shake was rich, pretty, and held up against the heat as I explored Port Antonio.

My only suggestion is to avoid getting the sprinkles on the milkshake. It only adds a weird crunch. But other than that, this was a cute experience!

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