Boston Beach Is A Slice Of Heaven… But I Have To Admit It Has One Small Downside!

Place- Beach  
Price- $200.00 JMD
Ratings- 4.5/5 
Location- Boston Beach, Portland, Jamaica 
Hours- 9AM – 5PM

Boston Beach was the most beautiful beach I’ve seen while in Portland, Jamaica! Crystal clear water, and lush vegetation surrounding it, it was a view straight out of a movie scene. I spent one of my mornings there sunbathing, swimming, and just taking in all the loving vibes my father’s country gave me.

When I arrived, the beach was quiet and mostly empty. I shared it with one other beachgoer, who sat on the other side of the beach, so it felt like the entire coast was mine. I had two spots on the sand, one under an almond tree (that sheltered me from a brief rain storm) and one out in the open so I could bathe in the sun.
Everything was so peaceful and beautiful. Being there felt like time had stopped, and I was lost in paradise.

But Boston Beach does have a downside. It’s peaceful to a point.

Before going, I read reviews about people on the beach trying to sell you stuff and offer you surf lessons. But I didn’t think much of it until I experienced it.

Sometime in the early afternoon, I was offered surfing lessons, souvenirs, excursions, and facials more than once. Which can get annoying when just trying to enjoy your beach day. Everyone I encountered there was friendly, but I could’ve gone without the extra interactions.
However, with everything said, it wasn’t that bad. Boston Beach is truly a gem, and I’d recommend it to anyone planning to visit Portland Parish in Jamaica.

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