Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico

During my trip to Puerto Rico, I stayed in a cute area called Ocean Park in San Juan, which was a stone’s throw from the beach and a short walk to Calle Loiza — a bustling street lined with all of your heart’s desires from fast food, night life, local eateries, ice cream parlors, to Walgreens.
Everything I needed was right at my fingertips!

I stayed for nine days in a cozy studio apartment in a gated community in San Juan, so safety was never an issue or a concern for me.

Ocean Park Beach (the beach that was a stone’s throw from my apartment) was beautiful, always clean, and offered a local vibe.
And the local food places provided some of the best flavors I’ve tasted in Puerto Rico!

Staying in Ocean Park, I got to live and experience life like a local, and all the attractions or places I visited were within walking distance or a 15-20 min drive.

I rented a car, so in my opinion, getting around and navigating Puerto Rico was easy. Driving is pretty easy too. However, there aren’t a lot of posted rules like speed limits or stop signs/lights, so I recommend driving with extra caution and potentially adding roadside assistance to your rental because some of the roads are bad.

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