Diary Entry No. 6: One Of My Favorite People Lives In Another Country

April 8th, 2022

Have you ever met the older version of yourself before? The person that reminds you of you, just much older?
Well, I have, we’ve only met once, and he lives in Trinidad. But in such a short meeting, he’s become one of my favorite people!
I’m talking about my Uncle Lincoln. My mother’s eldest brother and my favorite Uncle.
I miss him so much. It’s been years since our initial meeting in 2018, and thanks to the pandemic, I couldn’t go back to Trinidad as planned in 2020.
My Uncle Lincoln, or ‘Uncle Lincs,’ is the most remarkable person you’ll ever meet in Trinidad. This statement is not up for debate!
I remember every detail of the day we spent together as if it happened yesterday!
Our day together started in Arima and landed us riverside in Salybia. There I got to experience bathing in a river for the first time and take in all of the hidden beauties of my mother’s island.
That day with my Uncle was exquisite. I got to try many treats and fruits from the island in the company of his beautiful friends that lived a short walk from the river.

Hours with his friends felt like mere seconds. And although our moments were short, the time spent together with his friends felt like a family reunion. (Fieane and Shalika, if you’re reading this, I miss you all and can’t wait to come back and lime again!)
As evening came, I got to experience a different side of Trinidad. I got to see and experience how other areas in Trinidad came alive at night as we made our way back to his house. And once back at my Uncle’s house, we cooked together. I don’t know how he knew what to prepare, but he made one of my favorite dishes — Trini-style fried rice and fried kingfish. (When I asked what made him decide to make it, he said it’s quick, easy, and one of his favorites!)
After dinner was ready, I sat outside with him and ate my belly full. We limed for hours until it was time for me to go home and pack.
I almost cried when it was time to leave my Uncle, but I found comfort in my promises of a return trip.
So with that being said, Uncle Lincs, I plan to see you very soon!

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