My 2022 New Year Travel Plans + Resolutions

Happy New Year, Globetrotters! It is officially 2022, so that means it’s time for us to set some new year goals and resolutions!

I know we’re all still trying to recover from the crappy hand these last two years have dealt us, but I feel like being optimistic about the future is the best remedy for the situation we’re all currently in. So let’s talk New Year Goals and Travel Resolutions!

Goals For 2022:

  1. Visit 3 New Countries
  2. Visit 3 New States
  3. Visit 2 New Territories
  4. Check 10 Items off of my Bucket List
  5. Explore more of Brooklyn
  6. Explore more of New York City

2022 Travel Resolutions:

  1. Be More Adventurous
  2. Be Open To New Experiences
  3. Be More Environmentally Conscious When Traveling
  4. Reduce My Travel Waste And Footprint
  5. Become A Better Minimalist Traveler

While creating my list of Goals and Resolutions, I kept in mind that we are still very much in a global pandemic and facing a new covid variant. So I made my list a bit minimal, that way I won’t feel bad if I don’t accomplish everything.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2022?

*Before you start to make your travel goals and resolutions, please be gentle with yourself. The pandemic is hard enough, you don’t need to create any added stressors to your load!

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