Checking Things Off My Bucket List: No. 20 Smorgasburg NYC

Visiting Smorgasburg NYC was something I’ve wanted to do for years! And as of October 9th, 2021, I can finally say, I went!

So let’s talk about it!

Smorgasburg has two locations in Brooklyn, New York. One in Williamsburg and the other in Prospect Park. 

The Williamsburg location is only open on Saturdays from 11am – 6pm thru Oct. 30th. And the Prospect Park location is only open on Sundays from 11am – 6pm thru Oct. 31st. 

Smorgasburg is a foodies paradise! It’s the “largest weekly open-air food market in America,” and there are dozens of local food vendors to choose from, which I really enjoyed because I got to try a bunch of different foods that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to try.

I attended Smorgasburg Williamsburg, and I loved every moment of it! The Williamsburg location has lovely views of the Manhattan Skyline, and a waterfront that you can enjoy while you eat.

When I arrived, I had to make my way around the entire venue before deciding what I wanted to eat. Once my rounds were done, I decided my first stop would be the Parish Po’Boys. Here I got a Crawfish Mac and Cheese and a Shrimp Po’Boy.

Out of 5 stars, I’d give the food a solid 4.3. The Mac and Cheese was delicious, and the bbq shrimp po’boy was very tasty. However, the shrimp po’boy was a bit salty, and the bread was a bit soggy. But overall, it was good!

I then went on to try a few other food stalls, which in my opinion isn’t worth mentioning, except for this one dessert stall — Wowfulls. Here I got my first taste of the Bubble Waffle!

Out of 5 stars, I’d give the Wowfull Classic Cone a solid 5. Yes! It was absolutely delightful!  

Now, I have to admit, the food vendors at Smorgasburg are a bit pricey, and the portions sizes are a bit on the small side. But I believe it’s definitely an experience that should be had, especially if you’re a foodie!

My total for the three things I mentioned and pictured was $35.00.

Price Breakdown: 

Parish PoBoys: BBQ Shrimp $14.00 
Crawfish Mac and Cheese $13.00 
Total $27.00 

Wowfulls: Classic Wowfull $8.00 

Grand Total: $35.00

In the very near future I hope to visit the Prospect Park location! And I’ll be sure to let you know how that one is, when I do!

Have you ever been to Smorgasburg?

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