Introducing Mini Review Guides For New York City

In my COVID-19 and Updated Travel Plans post, I’ve mentioned that since I’m staying put in New York City for the rest of 2020, I want to take this time to really explore my hometown! I’ve lived in Brooklyn all my life, but I’ve never really taken advantage of living in the City. But not any more, I will no longer take New York City for granted!

In my upcoming explorations of the city, I will give you a short write up of all of the places I visit, so when you do decide to come and visit me in the Big Apple, you can use my guides to put together an itinerary!

My review guides will focus on both paid and free things to do in New York City (during Covid-19 (until I am back on the open road)), along with great food places to try! Each guide will have a diamond “💎” rating out of five, one diamond being the lowest and five diamonds being the highest! And each guide will be full of useful information, but short and to the point!

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, if there are any places around New York City that you’d like for me to review, drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to check it out! ❤️

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