The Enigma Cafe and Restaurant The Best Food Spot In Toronto, On

Listen! When the world officially opens up, and Americans are no longer banned, I want to go back to Toronto, Canada!
I miss the cool, crisp air fall air. I miss the maple syrup, the food, and the second home that I gained at The Enigma Cafe.

Oh, how I miss The Enigma Cafe! It was a home away from home, the one place I knew I could go to escape my “travel blues,” (I’ll explain what I mean by “travel blues” in a later post!) get a good home cooked meal, be around good company, and eat some delicious Poutine!

The Enigma Cafe is the first and last place that I dined at while in Toronto! And let me tell you, the food there is so good that I even brought some back to New York for my mom to try!

I first stumbled upon The Enigma Cafe on my first day in Toronto. I was hungry and wanted to try Poutine (a Canadian food staple). And with a quick google maps search, I found the highly rated Enigma Cafe! Now the Poutine was absolutely delicious, but it was the breakfast that kept me coming back… well, it was the breakfast and hospitality!

The owner, chef, and “Enigma” of The Enigma Cafe — Joseph, was always a lovely host. He allowed me to sit in his cafe for hours at a time editing videos, and writing blog posts on numerous occasions and never made me feel rushed or unwelcomed.
And somewhere in between all of the homefries, fluffy eggs, and friendly conversations, I was basically at home!

I even spent Thanksgiving Day at the Cafe, and by the end of my trip, I felt like family! The Enigma Cafe in Toronto is definitely a must-visit restaurant! So if you’re reading this, and you can visit, do it!

Don’t forget to send me pictures of what you order, and tell Joseph hello for me!
The Enigma Cafe and Restaurant
1556 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4, Canada

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