You Can’t Travel With Just Anyone! Tips On How To Travel With A Friend For The First Time.

Yes, I said it. And it needed to be said. You cannot travel with just anyone, and that includes your good friends too!

Quick question, do you think I started traveling solo because one day I woke up and said, ‘Hey, I want to see the entire world… by myself?’
No, absolutely not! I was forced into this choice.

I didn’t choose this solo travel life, the solo travel life chose me!

Ok, ok, let me stop with all the dramatics. I was not forced into the solo travel lifestyle. It just happened one day, and the rest was history!

But the more I traveled by myself, the more I enjoyed not having to worry about anyone else. (So I guess you can say the solo travel life chose me.) I didn’t have to worry about anyone’s time, feelings, wants, or anything of that matter. Whatever I wanted to do, I did it and didn’t have to worry about being considerate towards anyone else. And I loved that sense of freedom. I didn’t have to ask to do anything, I did whatever I wanted when I wanted. I stayed as long or as little as I wanted in a place and got to take things in on my time.

However, the more I traveled with people (when I did travel with people), I noticed that you can’t travel with just anyone. Including your good friends.

I know that sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. Just because your friends are cool back home, doesn’t mean they will be the same when abroad.

So here are some of my tips for first time travel with a friend:

  • Book Separate Rooms
    Globetrotter, do yourself a favor and book your room separate from theirs. And make sure you have a door that can close when you need some “you time.” There is nothing worse than going somewhere and realizing your travel mate is messy or inconsiderate of sleep hours. 
    Also, be sure that your room does not need to be accessed by anyone else. The last thing you need is to have your sleep disturbed because the only bathroom is located in your room.
  • Google Maps
    Trust me, you need this! Google Maps can be used Offline, but be sure to download the map for your area ahead of time. That way you can navigate your area without the internet. (Especially if you find yourself doing some solo travel while on the trip!)
  • Always Get Multiple Keys
    That way if you decide to do some solo exploring, you can leave without having to be back at a certain time.
    This may seem like something so easy, but yet we struggle the most to do it. Even though this person is your friend, they may not like the same things you like when it comes to travel. So be sure to communicate about the trip before booking. Find out what they’re interested in, make an itinerary that you both agree on.
  • Listen To EVERYTHING
    Pay attention to how your friend is talking about the trip prior. Listen to what they are saying and pay attention to their behaviors. We can all sense things before they happen, so listen to your gut and book accordingly!
  • And lastly, HAVE FUN! 
    Be sure to take it slow, and enjoy each moment! You both have an itinerary that works for you both. So take it slow and make some new memories!

If there are any tips that I am missing, be sure to let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for new tips to make my travel life easier!

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