Let’s talk Money and Travel!

During my March trips to Barbados and Guyana, I realized that countries don’t necessarily have to take credit cards. They can be a cash-only country. This was shocking to me, so I created a list of what certain countries accept in the places I’ve traveled to so you can be best prepared for when you visit.

Please note: This list will be updated as I visit new places!

Antigua 🇦🇬
Currency Type: Eastern Caribbean EC
A lot of places here are cash-only.
Only a few places had a credit card machine.
USD is widely accepted at a 2.60 to 1 exchange in a lot of stores. You can get the standard 2.70 to 1 at the central bank.
I recommend exchanging at the bank. But stores are a great option when in need or pinch. (Just be sure to ask the exchange rate before making a purchase.)

Barbados 🇧🇧
Currency Type: BBD
A lot of places here are cash-only.
Only a few places had a credit card machine, but USD is widely accepted for the standard 2-1 exchange. I recommend paying in USD. That way, you can get BBD without paying any exchange fees.

Canada 🇨🇦
Currency Type: CAD
Cash and Credit were widely accepted as well.
I paid for everything in CAD because there are TD Banks all around Canada, so I withdrew some cash from their ATMs with no exchange fee!

Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
Currency Type: DOP
Credit Cards are largely accepted. You’ll need DP to buy stuff from the street vendors or leave tips. I’m not sure if USD is accepted here, nor the exchange rate from local shops if it is accepted. I sent myself money from WU here as well.
Some gift shops and restaurants were cash-only.

France 🇫🇷
Currency Type: Euro
Cash and Credit are also widely accepted here, except for the street vendors. You’ll need Euros for them.
(They do NOT accept USD as a form of payment here)

Guyana 🇬🇾
Currency Type: GYD
Everything here is Cash Only. Except for the major tourist attractions.
But paying with a credit card has a 4.18% transaction fee tacked on to your purchase.
I sold my USD in the country to a local (which I don’t recommend for safety reasons.)
There are a lot of cambios around for you to exchange money.

Jamaica 🇯🇲
Currency Type: JMD
Major establishments accept credit cards. Most local shops were cash only.
USD is accepted, but it’s cheaper if you purchase stuff in JMD
I don’t know how much the exchange rate is in the country because I sent myself money through Western Union (WU).

Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Currency Type: USD
Cash and Credit are widely accepted on the island.

Trinidad 🇹🇹
Currency Type: TTD
Cash will be your best bet here. They accept USD as a form of payment, but I highly recommend exchanging your money to TTD in the country.
Many places accept credit cards as well, but some stores only accept Linx (a local card)

United States of America 🇺🇸
Currency Type: USD
Cash and Credit are widely accepted.
However, there are a few establishments that are Cash Only or Cashless.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk Money and Travel!

  1. Excellent breakdown here. Cool for me too because my current Europe trip from early January until now has largely been about swiping cars everywhere, save a small village in rural Crete. Prior, it has been cash in most spots since we had spent many time in developing nations where cash is king.


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    1. Thanks! I had a feeling that cash would be needed while exploring the Caribbean, because of street vendor, etc. but I was very much surprised when the phone store was cash-only in Guyana. It amazing how living somewhere can make you blind to things.
      I remember hearing at a time that cash will become a thing of the past for America, (with all of the advancements and crypto) so cash is king is a new concept for me!


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