How The Island Of Trinidad Gave Birth To Ashley Travels the Globe

“So let we jam with the art of love, all of we is family.” -Kes

I recently saw this tweet from Delta airlines asking us to, “Name the city that changed your life.” And without much thought, I automatically said, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Then with a bit more thought, I realized that Trinidad was the exact reason why “Ashley Travels the Globe” exists!
And since one doesn’t have that many characters on Twitter to explain such a statement, I’ve decided to write more about it here.
I visited Trinidad for the first time in 2018. It was my second passport stamp, and finally, my first time entering the country which my mother was born. It was a homecoming of sorts and one I’d never forget.
My trip itinerary included a total of 21 days in Trinidad, which in my opinion wasn’t nearly enough time. I spent 21 days there and barely scratch the surface.
Trinidad is a love story. The people are beautiful, warm, and welcoming. The food is full of flavor, and the island is full of life, spice, and magic.
Trinidad feels a bit like a Kes song. It just does something to your soul!

I stayed in the Northern part of Trinidad, in the mountains, in an area called Santa Cruz, and it was beautiful. It was small community filled with all of your heart’s desires like: fresh sugar cane, cocoa, passion fruit, beautiful people, and just all-around good vibes. And it was somewhere between the beach, food, liming culture, and late-night walks that stole my heart.

I spent hours on Trinidad’s many beaches, falling in love with the views time and time again. And one day, while sitting on the beach at Las Cuevas, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
I loved the way the sun kissed my skin every morning and the way the stars glisten at night. I loved the way the warm breeze held me in her arms, and the way the spring water from the standpipe quenched my thirst like no other!
And at night, I’d go for walks around Santa Cruz, taking in the gorgeous views of the mountains in juxtaposition with the stars in the night’s sky. It was all so magical.
Then one day, while sitting on the beach, I asked myself,
“If Trinidad feels like this, then what does the rest of the world feel like?” And that was the very moment I decided that I needed to see what the rest of the world was like. And from that moment on, my goal was to continue to collect moments that felt like Trinidad, but from different parts of the world. And before I knew it, I had wanderlust embedded in my heart and the creation of Ashley Travels the Globe underway.

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